Thursday, 29 August 2013

#7 Dickens or Jeremiah was a bullfrog

Sony compact camera, a true war hero, so save it

There is a glorious moment in everyone's life when this funny little chain of events happens. The things you dream of become the things you desire which consequently become the things you hope for, only to end up as the things you secretly (maybe even unknowingly) expect. Which means your dreams have now been reduced to mere expectations, those miserable, devilish monsters that consume you and transform you into a puppet, controlled only by stupid emotions, that don't really exist, except on the realm of possibility in which your expectations will be met. And since there is only an infinitely small chance that the stars will align and allow you to reach said realm, you're left with one of two lovely feelings: absolute denial (which is bad), or painful disappointment (which is probably worse). The point I'm trying to make is: expectations suck. At least for today… (Well I'm only human.)