Friday, 19 July 2013

#1 Venice or The day after

Diana F+

Expectation: a bright, hot, sunny day in summery Italy, walking alongside the canals of dirty, mosquito infested water (that we'd choose to ignore), in a fairytale-like Venice. Renting a gondola with a man dressed in red stripes singing some romantic, unrecognizable song while roaming the streets of one of the most iconic cities in the world.

Reality: Tourist-land under 40 ÂșC weather. Early realization that the gondolas were 2 billion Euros, without the singing, red striped man. Sure, it was the second day of our trip, I'd slept a total of 2 hours because I was convinced I was dying of appendicitis all night, therefore wasting one of the only nights I would sleep in an actual bed all summer, so I wasn't exactly in a chipper mood. It took me half a day to notice there were no cars or roads there. It was this sudden realization that immediately led me to believe I had to be retarded, or at least be suffering from some major disturbance in my thought processing capabilities due to all the heat, since, you know, the greatest conclusion I had arrived to that day was that there were no roads in Venice. Personal delusions aside, I actually did love the city, just like every other girl on the entire planet. Once you get past all the tourists (it was August, but still, population control people!), and start walking away from St Marcos' square, you'll find the 'real Venice', where people actually live and don't walk all over each other and you can actually explore freely (minus the camera-holding obstacles), with only the vicious mosquitos keeping you company. Oh yes, the whole smelly dirty water thing was not true - it was actually pretty clear at the time - but the homicidal flying beasts were very very real. In the end Venice still managed to become one of my all time favorites cities (go figure, did I mention I'm a girl?), and I blame none of the previously described as very negative aspects of the trip on her, it was clearly the result of a combination of bad karma and sleep deprivation - aka the story of my life

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